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Who is this woman with an aversion to vowels?[]

Gwynhwyvar comes from a time where you lived and died by the sword. The former Queen of Britain, and wife of Arthur, has always been shown in a bad light by history. Following the infamous escape from the oppressive marriage to Arthur Pendragon, Gwynhwyvar also fled from Lancelot.

Morgan le Fey gave Gwynhwyvar a home in her time of need. They lead a quiet life together, never leaving the Isle, constantly searching for the dark secrets contained in the other half of the Holy Grail – the Malleus Satani. Gwynhwyvar discovered the Malleus Satani and destroyed the Holy Grail to discover the secret of eternal life. The Thirst took Gwynhwyvar and drove her to drain the blood of her lover, Morgan, leaving her body undiscovered to anyone or anything.

Gwynhwyvar has survived through the ages in many forms: human, vampire and zombie; although she always returns to her vampiric form to satisfy the Thirst and maintain immortality.

A Pet Vampire![]

When she first arrived in Twilight City a kind human shared his home, and his blood, with Gwynhwyvar in return for her assistance in his hunts. It was a mutually convenient relationship, and Ole Svensson will always be someone that Gwynhwyvar holds in high regard.


I am the One

From the dark side of your dreams

I am the One

The one who hears your screams

I am the One, I am the One

I am a vampyre a-calling for your love

I am the fire that burns within your blood

I am the One, I am the One

No bars or chains can keep me from your bed

Nothing on earth can get me from your head

I am the One, I am the One

I’m the angel of your desire

Burning in the night

I’m the pyre, I’m the fire

Come to set you alight

I’m the One

Forget the past, live only for tonight

How many loves have shared such pure delight?

I am the One, I am the One

Rest now, my love, let troubles slip away

I shall return on the darkening of the day

I am the One, I am the One