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There are few facts of consequence in the early life of the figure known as RH.

A young man was born into a middle-class Milwaukee family.

He attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He studied medicine.

A researcher at Northwestern University began testing on Yersinia pestis.

A research from Northwestern University was a key-note speaker at a conference held for the study of historical diseases. This conference was held in Twilight City.

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When the great blackening took hold of the city, the noted epidemiologist Johann Faustus awoke into a nebulous blur of white. In the minutes afterward, sight returned slowly to the doctor, who found himself looking surprisingly healthy. The man, a slave to knowledge, found himself filled with vigor and vitality. A great wretched rumbling shook his stomach - one that, despite his attempts to stop it, wouldn't cease.

Only when washing off a shrink-wrapped gas station sandwich did he notice the blood on the wrapper oddly smelled delicious. The blood, sprinkled there by the brigand who had executed the store's owner following the anarchy that swallowed Twilight City, was dried and light. Unable to shake the pull of the faint smell, the good doctor found himself irrationally enjoying the flavor.

The doctor licked the blood stains on the wall. The thick iron flavor enticed, intrigued him.

At that moment, the good doctor realized that, perhaps, something was awry.


"It is unclear if I met the Philosophes or if they met me. It is unclear if fate itself pushed us together. What is clear is that knowledge is the supreme chieftain of existence. Under knowledge, the bliss of what seemed dangerous can be revealed. Under knowledge, the errors of past ways can be remedied. Knowledge is the great panacea, the great underestimated alchemical component. With knowledge, science has turned baser metals to gold. It is clear that a similar transmutation occurs mentally. The storms of neurons that writhe through our brains may simply be the tempests that reform the false sense of civility that has been etched into our common psychology. Knowledge is the great panacea. Knowledge is the great panacea."

- Johann Faustus (attrib.)

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