A ruthless killer who enjoys all kinds of shenanigans. He plays as a human mostly, but will exterminate other humans who remain huddled in forts mercilessly out of disgust for them not using more of the game's locations. After being in a variety of groups, he has abandoned the larger scene to found the S.U.C

Seeking the way of a true warrior, he has dropped his guns to do combat with an assortment of odd, even comical, items. His favourite weapon is the boxcutter, followed by the fireplace poker and any of the powertools.

September 28, 2009: Vaderik leaves for a new adventure, but the group he founded shall always remain alongside the square earth for those true warriors.

Early November, 2009: Having missed a chance to regroup with the Chain killer Oba Yozo after months, Vaderik joins the group Thorn, hoping to see this new human group prosper, He has stopped killing humans and will continue to do so while waiting for Oba to return...

April, 2010: After a long time of festering on the cold pavement, Vaderik rises once more, hoping to bring a new zombie uprising to Twilight City. So far it has been hard to find promising fresh corpses to swell his ranks, but he remains persistent...

Special Kills
Boxcutter: 70
Power Drill: 29
Fireplace Poker: 13
Drumsticks: 8
Nailgun: 6
Barbed Wire: 5
Chunk of Driftwood: 3
Dead Fish: 5
Plastic Sword: 2
Mannequin Limb: 1
Rock: 1
Fly Swatter: 2
Tombstone: 7
Barrel: 1

Stay tuned for more violent, yet absurd killings!! ^_^

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