A non-descript vampire. Also a sysop from UDwiki.

User Stats

  • Sysop on: 3 wikis.
  • Wikis destroyed: 1


  • First off, I cleared all of the Orphaned Pages from the database, and linked them up in the relevant places.
  • I also made the Deletions page, so that any old user can request swift justice from the mods.
  • I also categorised all of the images, pages and other categories on the wiki, setting up a system by which any page can be found neatly from the Master Category.
  • I cleared the Wanted pages and categories from the database. Ultimately, there should be no real red links hanging about any more.
  • I was made system operator here for my amazing janitorial skills. Expect more as soon as I work out something else that needs doing.
  • I created the Halloween Truce page, along with others, clearing Special:WantedPages

To do

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