To do lists that I might complete... Nope... I don't think there is anything good to add into wiki.

  • GPS map ... Done
  • Dancewear Shop ... Done
  • Stealth and Detection ... Pretty much ... Done
  • Damage .... Done
  • Rush level 74 & Pvp guide ... Done
  • Correct NPC's accuracy of Unique and other unique stuffs... probably not...
  • Search rate of items in each place... Done with it
  • Check out all pages on probably not...
  • traps land mine/grenade launcher...probably not... Grenade launcher range may be 5x5 and land mine range may be 4x4
  • Concrete Wall...probably not... It seems it was removed. Flamethrower seems to be removed too according to forums.
  • Fire... Done with it
  • Barricading & Inner building Search & Decimate & Raze & Repair ... Done with it
  • Weather... take like a year so nope. If someone want to do it, please make sure to check Track Prey and Smell Rot range.
  • Vandalism... I am sure that Rain affects how long spray messages can last but I don't think it is important. This section looks like game's easter egg that Mammon prevented some simple access to SQL database or such and I have no interest about it. The clue for each easter egg is in the game such as 40 is from 40 on some zone in Quarantine.

I feel lazy and coffee.

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