Utility items are items that can be employed to aid or assist players.


Technological wonders that once and still do provide ease and service for people and undead alike.

Item Use Notes Max Stack Found at/Dropped by
Cell Phone Allows you to PM active mutual friends. Cost no AP to send a message. 1 Electronics Stores, Fort Barracks
Digital Camera Records messages to broadcast in the WZMB TV Station. The building must have power via Power Plant or Generator and the breaker must be flipped-on in order to broadcast. 4 Electronics Stores, WZMB TV Building; Faceless Stranger
Generator Can be set up in buildings to provide power. Takes 4 gas cans to fully fill. Does not use up gas when the breaker is flipped-off. Will require 5AP to setup for the first time. 1 Hardware stores
GPS Unit Reports map coordinates (X,Y) - 6 Electronic Stores, Fort Armory, Fort Barracks, Fort Gatehouse
Television Can be set up in buildings to watch broadcast messages from the WZMB TV Channel. Requires power. 1 Electronics Stores, WZMB TV Building
Walkie Talkie Communicate with other players. Usable by everyone. All new players start with a walkie talkie. Cost 1 AP to use channel 27.0 and local 'say'. Group chat cost no AP. 3 Fire Departments, Police Departments, Fort Armory, Stadium Store Room, Stadium Guard Center
Wristwatch Shows the current time and date (in GMT) of the city up to the second. - 1 Clothing Stores, Electronics Stores, Fort Barracks


Items with a use, helpful or not. Most of these can be used just by Humans.

Item Use Max Stack Found at/Dropped by
Book Read, chance to gain 1 XP 5 Churches, Libraries, Museums, Schools, Fort Exercise Yard
City Map Opens up the city map. 10 Hotels, Museums, Malls
Comicbook Read, chance to gain 1 XP 20 Comic Shops
Flare Signals the player position to other players within a certain radius; Comes in various colors 8 Red: Fire Departments
Orange: Auto Shops
Yellow: Factories, Warehouses
Green: Forts
Blue: Police Deparments
Fire Extinguisher Extinguishes building fires 4 Banks, Buildings, Factories, Fire Departments, Gas Stations, Hotels, Warehouses, Fort Barracks
Gas Can Can be used to fill up Generators or Power Tools and to increase the dimensions of the fires 4 Gas Stations, Fort Vehicle Depots
Lazarix Access Tag Allows access to Lazarix computer terminals 1 Lazarix Buildings
Lighter Starts small fires inside buildings 8 Gas Stations
Spraypaint Can Allows to spray a message on a nearby surface 5 Clubs (outside), Gas Stations, Junkyards (outside), Schools (outside), Wastelands, Work Sites, Fort Vehicle Depot, Stadium Store Room


Great for keeping unwanted visitors out of a building or even a large area.

Item Strength Max Stack Found at/Dropped by
Barbed Wire Fence  ?
Damages 4 per hit
4 Junkyards (outside)
Chain Link Fence  ? 4 Junkyards (outside), Parking Lots
Concrete Wall  ? 4 Craftable only
Electric Fence +6 hits
Damages 6-10 per hit
4 Craftable only
Picket Fence  ? 4 Camp Cabins
Wooden Fence 10 hits 4 Junkyards (outside), Craftable


Things that you can play with.

Item Max Stack Found at/Dropped by
Action Figure 12 Comic Shops, Toy Stores
Cappy the Capsule Toy  ? Lazarix Buildings
Chew Toy  ? Pet Stores
Coal 1 Mall Santa
Creepy Doll 1 Theaters (Halloween 2009)
Deck of Cards 8 Toy Stores
Doll 5 Toy Store
Football ? Stadium Locker Room
Kaleidoscope 4 Toy Stores
Lawn Gnome 4 Furniture Stores
Plastic Flamingo 6 Furniture Stores
Stuffed Animal 8 Tweedor Museum, Toy Shops
Trumpet  ? Music Shops
Violin 3 Music Shops
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