Hell Rising vampires are NOT these kind of vampires.


Not quite. But closer.

Vampires are the ultimate predators of the night. Silently hunting unaware Humans, they compete with their Zombie rivalry for their only source of nourishment: pure blood.

Feeding upon the life essence of their victims for centuries of years, Vampires are inherited with keen, paranormal senses that can detect even the most well concealed prey. Using these enhanced abilities, they strike their victims with murderous intensity and spread their bloodlines to ensure their virulent, infernal existence.

In-game descriptionEdit

As a Vampire, you will feed upon Humans and attempt to destroy your Zombie competition. Your vile skills include shrugging off a percentage of all damage, unexpectegly attacking when others think you're deceased, and increasing your power along with your killing sprees. The blood of your enemies shall flow.

Vampiric characters will find that feeding on the lifeblood of others can be quite refreshing… especially after a long day of sensing and searching out hidden players. Vampires are the born hunters of Serling's urban jungle.

Basic stats and informationEdit

Vampires have medium HP and medium AP.

  • Health Points: 60
  • Action Points: 60


Vampire's main weapons are Claws (4-5 damage, 45% hit chance) and Fangs (4 damage, 30% hit chance). They are able to wield all weapons except firearms.


Vampires who possess Plasma Feeding are able to regain health by attacking with their Fangs. Vampires can also consume certain foods (foods that contain blood) to restore some minor HP.

Becoming a VampireEdit

Vampires who possess Vampiric Infection can convert players into Vampires after killing them with their Fangs. Vampire NPCs are able to convert players as well.


There are five available classes to start out as a Vampire.


There are 20 available skills. It requires a minimum of 2900 XP to purchase all the skills.


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