Lovely items such as this chainsaw may be found throughout the city. Such things are available through the five-fingered discount.

Hockey mask optional.

“ For the time when humanity's existence becomes ... "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." ”

- Thomas Hobbes

Weapons are items that can harm and kill people. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of things you can kill with or be killed by. Weapons range from assault rifles to slings, from chainsaws to chunks of driftwood. They are essential for combat and can be found everywhere throughout the city by searching in specific locations or/and by killing certain NPCs. A few weapons instead require to be crafted and few others can only be found around at certain times of the day, week or/and year.


  • Every attack has the chance of missing its target even if the weapon accuracy is close or equal to 100%.
  • Zombies and Vampires cannot use Firearms, Power Tools and set up Traps.

Melee Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons used in close combat. They can either be Bladed or Blunt. None of them makes any noise.

Bladed Weapons[edit | edit source]

Sharp and deadly. They can be anything from a fire axe to a broken bottle.

Weapon Description Damage To Hit (Max) Max Stack Found at/Dropped by
Ancient Katana 殺す 5-8 10% (40%) ? Available by donating at Totten Mall
Antique Sabre Antique sword fight 2-4 20% (50%) 4 Candice Wooley Museum
Barbed Wire Force people to dig under the fence 0-3 17% (47%) 7 Auto Shops (Outside), Camp Cabins (Outside), Factories (Outside), Houses (Outside), Junkyards (Outside), Warehouses (Outside)
Bladed Glove To kill you in your dreams 5-8 10% (40%) 5 Nightmare
Bone Saw For getting that sweet marrow 5-8 10% (40%) ? Banks (Halloween 2009)
Box cutter Box murdering
(you demon)
1-3 15% (55%) 6 Factories, Fort Storehouse, Post Offices, Warehouses
Broken Bottle Bar brawls weapon 1-4 13% (43%) 4 Crafting
Bullwhip Torture/Cattle motivator 2-5 15% (45%) ? Acely Museum
Burning Fire Axe Redefines the word "Fire Axe" 3-5
Bleeding, Burning
20% (50%) 3 Crafting
Butcher Knife Myers style 1-3
(Bleeding 33%)
25% (55%) 4 Bakeries, Bars, Camp Cabin, Fort Mess Halls, Houses, Restaurants, Stadium Concessions
Cat O' Nine Tails Typical BDSM torture tool 4-5 10% (40%) ? Acely Museum
Cow Horn RAM 'EM 2-3 8% (38%) ? Cornfields
Fire Axe Heeere's Johnny! 3-5
20% (50%) 3 Fire Departments, Hardware Stores
Fireplace Poker A cool makeshift sword 1-4 5% (35%) 6 Furniture Stores, Hotels, Houses, Mansions, Pyro
Giant Icicle Winter hazard 5-8 10% (40%) 2 Snowman
Lunge Poke, poke, bleed ? ?%
? ?
Machete Jason style 5-8
10% (40%) 6 Masked Psycho (Friday the 13th)
Meat Hook Grab onto your enemies 2-3 15% (45%) 4 Restaurants, Supermarkets
Pickaxe Mining skulls 5-8 10% (40%) ? Bakeries (Halloween 2008)
Pitchfork Peasant riot weapon 4-6 18% (48%) 2 Houses, Rotting Scarecrow (2015 Halloween)
Rib Spreader Finochietto retractor 5-8
10% (40%) ? Famine
Reindeer Antler Hunting reward 5-8 ? 1 Krampus (Christmas 2015)
Saw It's a trap 1-2 8% (38%) 2 Hardware Stores
Scalpel Surgery time 1-2 20% (50%) 8 Dentist Offices, Fort Infirmary, Funeral Homes, Hospitals
Scythe Death's work equipment 5-8 10% (40%) 3 Banks (Halloween 2007)
Scissors Cut through your enemies! 2-3 12% (40%) 4 Schools
Shiv Just in case you accidentally drop the soap 2-3




6 Prison Cell Blocks
Spear Anti-mammoth sticking tool 1-4 0% (30%) 2 Sheenan Museum
Switchblade Just in case you wanna mug someone 2-3 12% (42%) 4 Bars, Clubs, Schools
Shadow Talons You are the Boogieman now 5-6

Bleeding, Terrified, Weakened



1 Bogeyman (Halloween 2015)
Sharpened Candy Cane Candy!! 5-7





1 Krampus (Christmas 2015)

Blunt Weapons[edit | edit source]

Blunt and deadly. They can be anything from a baseball bat to a rock.

Weapon Description Damage To Hit (Max) Max Stack Found at/Dropped by
Baseball Bat Batter up! 2-3
30% (60%) 4 Fort Exercise Yard, Sporting Goods Stores, Mantis Security Scout
Banjo Hillbilly pastime 2-5 10% (40%) 2 Music Shops
Barrel Contains... something. 0-3 5% (35%) 1 The Sewer
Bloated Stumps Eww, gross 4-8 ?% (39%) ? Sludge Fiend
Bowling Ball Strrrrrrrike! 3-5
4% (34%) 1 Bowling Alleys
Bowling Pin Pin down your enemies 2-4 10% (40%) 2 Bowling Alleys
Burning Barrel Like an hobo 0-3




1 Crafting
Burning Bat Batter up!:
Ignite version
Burning, Dazed
30% (60%) 4 Crafting
Ceramic Sculpture Typical museum murder weapon 2-4 5% (35%) 2 Busco Museum
Chunk of Driftwood Beach litter 1-2 5% (35%) 8 Beaches
Cricket Bat Shaun style 2-4 20% (50%) ? Outdoors (Early reward for testers in 2007)
Crowbar Gordon Freeman would be proud of you 2-4 25% (55%) 4 Fort Vehicle Depot, Hardware Stores
Crutch Cripple power! 0-2 5% (35%) 2 Hospitals
Dark Tentacles Grasp you slowly... 2-4
Dazed, Terrified
15% (45%) ? Faceless Stranger
Dead Fish slap 0-1 5% (20%) 1 Beaches
Dentures What big teeth you have grandma 0-1 0% (30%) 1 Dentist Offices
Dragon Sculpture Roar! 3-4 0% (30%) 1 Busco Museum
Frying Pan Omelette maker 1-3 0% (30%) 4 Hotels, Houses, Restaurants, Supermarkets
Garbage Can Hobo house 0-5 5% (35%) 1 Parking Lots, Streets
Gas Station Bathroom Key Will not fit in your pocket 1-2 4% (34%) ? Gas Stations
Giant Crucifix Destroy evil with the power of God 3-4
4% (34%) 1 Churches
Giant Wishbone Make a GIANT wish for yourself 2-4 10% (40%) 2 Giant Turkey
Guitar Instruments... OF PAIN!!! 2-5 10% (40%) 2 Music Shops
Golf Club Fore! 2 28% (58%) 8 Sporting Goods Stores
Hammer Skull-smashing device 1-3% 8% (38%) ? Hardware Stores, Warehouses, Work Sites
Heavy Sack Beat them with their own toys! 3-5 42% 1 Krampus (Christmas 2015)
Hockey Stick Ice or field? 1-4 25% (55%) 4 Fort Exercise Yard, Sporting Goods Stores, Schools
Lazarix Barrel Who knows what it originally held... 0-3 5% (35%) 1 The Sewer
Length Of Chain Captive component 2-4 19% (49%) 4 Auto Shops (Outside), Hardware Stores, Junkyards (Outside), Wastelands, Work Sites
Length Of Pipe A great weapon if you are currently hunting down the Match Maker 1-3 10% (40%) 5 Fort Storehouse, Hardware Stores, Junkyards (Outside), Wastelands, Work Sites
Mannequin Limb Should've known it was fake! Too late though... 1-2 8% (38%) 2 Dance Wear Stores, Malls
Mjolnir Hammer of Thor, God of Thunder 6-8
10% (40%) 1 Crafting (Comic Shops)
Night Stick Police brutality device 3-4
25% (55%) 4 Police Departments, Stadium Guard Center
Nailed Bat Batter up!:
Impale version
(Bleeding 25%, Dazed 15%)
30% (60%) 4? Crafting
Pair of Drum Sticks Beat with a beat 0-1 15% (45%) 4 Music Shops
Pair of Pliers Nip, nip... 2-4 10%(40%) ? Hardware Stores
Pool Cue Best when used to the tune of "Don't stop me Now" 2-3 8% (38%) 5 Bars, Clubs, Sporting Goods Stores
Prosthetic Limb Hop, hop, smack 1-3 ?% (?%) 1 Hospitals, Wastelands
Rock's a rock. 2-4
6% (36%) 6 Cemeteries, Parks, Sparrow Island Yard, Wastelands
Rotten Mandible Gross 4-6 10%(40%) ? Venomortis
Severed Arm Need a hand? 1-2 2% (32%) 4 Quarantine Zone
Severed Head Need a head? 5-8 10% (40%) ? Available by donating at Totten Mall
Shillelagh Kiss my Shillelagh 5-8 (Dazed) 10%(40%) ? Leprechaun
Shovel Bury the dead 2-4 10% (40%) 3 Cemeteries, Hardware Stores, Parks, Stadium Store Room, Work Sites
Skullbanger Frighten your foes as you beat them to death 2-3
Dazed, Terrified
30% (60%) 4 Crafting
Sledgehammer HAMMER TIME 4-6
10% (40%) 2 Hardware Stores, Work Sites
Snow Shovel Plow away those chilly zombies 2-4 15% (45%) 3 Hardware Stores, Snowman
Table Leg Makeshift peg leg 4-6 5% (35%) 4 Furniture Stores
Thigh Bone Prehistoric clubbing 1-4 0% (30%) 2 Sheenan Museum
Tombstone Rest in Pieces 6-8
2% (32)% 1 Cemeteries
Tree Limb Papa's old whip 2-4 20% (50%) 2 Parks
Umbrella Brain bits keep fallin' on my head 1-2 20% 4 Hotels
Violin SCREEEEEEECH 1-2 5% (35%) 2 Music Shops
Wooden Board Bluntly put the basic blunt object you can blunt with 2-4 8% (38%) 4 Work Sites, Crafting
Wrench I just want a fucking gas can 2-4 10% (40%) 4 Auto Shops, Factories, Fort Vehicle Depot, Hardware Stores, Malls, Warehouses, Work Sites

Ranged Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons used in far combat. Both Firearms and Throwing Weapons belong to this ccategory.

Firearms[edit | edit source]

Firearms are powerful against the dead. There are two types of Firearms: Small Arms and Rifles. The only difference between them are the skills that affect their hit ratio. They need ammunition to be used (see below). While powerful, all of them tend to be pretty noisy (with the exception of the Suppressed Pistol, that doesn't make any noise), which isn't very good, as it can easily attract the attentions of nearby players and potentially lead to be tracked down and killed (for more info, see Stealth and Detection).

While few of them cannot be exactly defined as actual "firearms", they are still technically classified as such. Unlike traditional firearms though, they don't make any noise.

Weapon Description Type Damage To Hit (Max) Max Stack Amount of Ammo Held Ammo Used Found at/Dropped by
Assault Rifle Good for assaulting others Rifle 4-10 20% (50%) 1 15 Rifle Clip Fort Armory, Gun Stores, Crafting (Factories)
Crossbow Middle Ages shooting Rifle 2-5 70?% (100?%) 1 1 Arrow Sporting Goods Stores
Grenade Launcher Shoots the "BOOM!!!" Rifle 12-16
8% (38%) 1 1 Grenade Warcophagus
Love Bow Make love, not war Rifle 2-5 Infatuated 30%(60%) 1 1 Arrow Cherub
Pistol Hold it gangsta style Small Arm 4-7 30% (60%) 1 6 Pistol Clip Fort Armory, Gun Stores, Malls, Police Departments, Prison Guard Stations
Stadium Guard Center, Crafting (Factories)
Sawed Off Shotgun Fight Zeds while looking
like a badass
Small Arm 8-12 25% (55%) 1 4 Box of Shotgun Shells Crafting (Gun Shops)
Shotgun Devastate! Small Arm 8-12 20% (50%) 1 4 Box of Shotgun Shells Fort Armory, Gun Stores, Malls, Police Departments, Prison Guard Stations,
Stadium Guard Center, Crafting (Factories)
Sling Primitive shooting Small Arm 2-4
6% (36%) 1 1 Rock Sheenan Museum
Suppressed Pistol Just like Agent 47 Small Arm 4-7 30% (60%) 1 6 Pistol Clip Crafting (Gun Shops)
T-Shirt Cannon When you don't want to use a gun, but need a cannon Rifle 3-6 8% (38%) 1 1 Any T-Shirt Serling Salmon
Taser Shocker Small Arm 0
Dazed (100%)
25% (55%) 1 10 Battery Electronic Stores, Fort Armory, Gun Stores

Throwing Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons or objects to throw at enemies. Pay attention to the supplies, because they tend to run out very quickly, as those weapons are consumed when used whether the attack is successful or not. Explosive throwing weapons like Grenades tend to be pretty noisy, and as explained in the Firearms section, that's a bit of a risky handicap (for more info, see Stealth and Detection).

Hit rates on non-barricade objects depend on the player's HPs. From 0% HPs to 50% HPs is granted 1/4 of the maximum hit rate. From 50% HPs to 75% HPs is granted 2/4 of the maximum hit rate. From 75% HPs to 100% HPs is granted 3/4 of the maximum hit rate. At 100% HPs is granted the maximum hit rate.

Weapon Description Damage Full Hit Chance Max Stack Found at/Dropped by
Ancient Pot Projectile of art 1-3 72% 4 Sheenan Museum
Cinderblock To build, but also to destroy 3-5 72% 4 Work Sites
Dart Fun pub game 1-4 100% 12 Bars
Flashbang Powerful split second flashlight 2-4
Blinded, Dazed
48% 7 Human Soldier, Vampire Soldier, Zombie Soldier
Freezebang Icy fireworks 6-10
32% 7 Crafting
Bar of Gold Show others how rich you are 2-4 72% ? Banks
Broken Egg Howtobasic 1-3 100% ? Killer Bunny
Grenade BOOM!!! 12-16
32% 7 Human Soldier, Vampire Soldier, Zombie Soldier, Warcophagus
Headacher Spook your enemies 10-15

Dazed, Terrified

32% ? Crafting
Iceball When regular snowballs aren't brutal enough… 2-5 50%? 16 Snowman
Jack O' Lantern Spooky vegetable clobber 4-8
72% 4 Crafting
Molotov Cocktail Rioter's trademark 5-10
72% 8 Pyro, Rioter, Crafting
Package Here's your special delivery sir 2-3 72% 10 Post Offices
Pumpkin Vegetable clobber 4-8 15%? 4 Rotting Scarecrow
Rotten Egg Egg fights 0-1 100% 30? Killer Bunny, Trick or Treater
Brown Egg Inner-city egg fights 1-3 100% ? Killer Bunny
Snowball Brutal 1-3
50%? 16 Snowman
Skull To be, or not to be? 2-3 88% 6 Sheenan Museum
Tea Set Would you like some tea? 1-3 72% 1 Busco Museum
Tire Makes for rad swing sets 3-4 72% 1 Auto Shops, Parking Lots, Streets
Trashbang Gross out your enemies 6-8 32% ? Crafting
Unstable Concoction Science! 12-16


48% ? Dr. Malignus
Puke Green Egg Hobo egg fights 1-3 100% ? Killer Bunny
Lizard Egg Lizard people egg fights 1-3 100% ? Killer Bunny
Tremendous Egg Rad egg fights 3-6 100% ? Killer Bunny

Power Tools[edit | edit source]

Used for home renovations and massacres. The hit ratio of power tools can be increased with the Power Tool Expertise skill. They require ammunition (see below). While most of them are melee, a couple of them are ranged. And while powerful, most of them tend to be pretty noisy, which as already explained in the previous paragraphs, isn't a positive trait (for more info, see Stealth and Detection).

Weapon Description Damage To Hit (Max) Max Stack Amt of Ammo Held Ammo Used Found at/Dropped by Type
Chainsaw Awwwwwwwww yeah 10-18 10% (22%) 1 10 Gas Can Hardware Stores Melee
Earth Auger To drill through soil and through flesh 7-8 8% (20%) 1 15 Gas Can Hardware Stores Melee
Flame Thrower When other methods of plant removal don't work 18-24 Burning 10%


1 4 Gas Can Pyro Ranged
Nail Gun Nail down your enemies 2-4 15% (27%) 1 20 Box of Nails Hardware Stores, Work Sites Ranged
Power Drill Drill through the zeds! 2-4 18% (30%) 1 ? Battery Hardware Stores Melee
Proton Pack ??? 18-24




??? ??? ??? The Bogeyman Ranged
Weed Trimmer Trimming those goddamn weeds 2-5 12% (24%) 1 25 Gas Can Hardware Stores Melee

Unique Weapons[edit | edit source]

These weapons don't exactly belong to any category due to their unique nature, even though their "Damage" and "To Hit" scales are still determined by the weapon type that they are technically classified as.

Weapon Description Weapon Type Damage To Hit (Max) Max Stack Found at/Dropped by Notes
Brass Knuckles ONE PUNCH!! Hand-to-Hand (4-6) 20% (40%) 1 Bars, Clubs In order to be used, they must be worn by the player. They replace the "Fists", the main basic Human attack. As such, they can only be used by Humans.
Dirty Syringe It's operation time! Bladed Weapon 1-2 Infected 5% (35%) 1? Grim Surgeon Needs to be reloaded with Slime after 4 uses.
Fire Extinguisher Child friendly rockets Firearm 0
Chilled (100%)
70% (100%) 4 Banks, Buildings, Factories, Fire Departments, Fort Barracks, Gas Stations, Hotels, Warehouses Runs out after a random number of uses.

Ammunition[edit | edit source]

Clips, shells, gas cans, and other types of ammunitions used in firearms, power tools, and a few other ranged weapons.

Name Used in Max Stack Found at/Dropped by
Battery Power Drill, Taser 20 Electronic Stores
Box of Nails Nail Gun 4 Factories, Fort Storehouse, Hardware Stores, Junkyards (Outside), Warehouses, Work Sites
Box of Shotgun Shells Shotgun, Sawed Off Shotgun 4 Fort Armory, Gun Shops, Police Departments, Prison Guard Stations, Stadium Guard Center
Gas Can Chainsaw, Earth Auger, Flame Thrower, Weed Trimmer 4 Fort Vehicle Depot, Gas Stations
Grenade Grenade Launcher 7 Human Soldier, Vampire Soldier, Zombie Soldier
Arrow Crossbow, Love Bow 10 Houses, Sporting Goods Stores
Pistol Clip Pistol, Suppressed Pistol 5 Gun Shops, Police Departments, Prison Guard Stations, Stadium Guard Center
Rifle Clip Assault Rifle 6 Fort Armory, Gun Shops, Malls
Rock Sling 6 Cemeteries, Parks, Wastelands
Slime Dirty Syringe ? Bloater, Sewer Tunnels, Sludge Fiend
(Any) T-Shirt T-Shirt Cannon - Beachwear Shops, Bowling Allies, Comic Shops, Hospitals (Halloween 2007), Museums, T-Shirt Shops, WZMB Building, Baby New Year, Mantis Security NPCs

Traps[edit | edit source]

Traps can only be set up inside a building, one for each (or for each building tile if it's a multi-tile building). Setting up a trap costs 2 APs. The trap will usually trigger when another player or even the same player will enter the building or carry out some building-related action (closing/opening the door, turning on/off the brakes, searching, etc.).

There's a slim chance that the trap, when triggered, will go dud. If that occurs, it won't inflict any damage or make any sound.

There's also a slim chance of automatically disarming the trap when triggered, and if that occurs, the trap will be acquired by the player, who then will be able to set it up again. (only observed with the Bear Trap, odds of disarming are unknown).

Finally, it's worthy of note that more than 1 Sticky Bomb can be set up in the same building. (Bug)

Weapon Description Damage Max Stack Found at/Dropped by
Bear Trap Made to hunt bears, used to hunt humans 3-4


3 Camp Cabins (Outside)
Defective Toy Be careful not to trip on it! ? ? Krampus (Christmas 2015)
Landmine They'll never expect this! 6-8


? Warcophagus
Sticky Bomb It's jelly 0-4


? Crafting
Explosive Package Here's a special package for you! 5-10


1 Crafting

Joke Weapons[edit | edit source]

These weapons can't deal any damage and are often accompanied by an humorous event line. They are simply used for the sole purpose of bothering, annoying and pranking other players. As such, their Hit Chance tends to be pretty high.

If used on NPCs, they will turn hostile (if previously friendly to the player) and will have a chance of counterattacking at each attack, just like if they were being attacked with an actual weapon. As such, these weapons can also be especially useful if the player is currently trying to get killed by an NPC to be resurrected or turned into a Vampire or a Zombie without risking to kill the NPC itself in the process.

Warning: if used on a player who was previously hidden, just like for actual weapons, this will permanently unhide them even if the attacking player logs out, until the attacked player will log back in and hide again. As such, it's highly suggested not to do this to friendly or allied players, unless it's done with the intent of trolling, as it can be very risky and dangerous.

Item Description Weapon Type To Hit (Max) Max Stack Found at/Dropped by
Balloon Animal "It’s your birthday!" Blunt Weapon ? Botcho the Zombie Clown
Dozen Roses Show your love to other fellow apocalypse survivors Blunt Weapon ? Parks (Valentine's Day 2010)
Fake Flower Smells like sham Firearm 1 Jokes Shops, Botcho the Zombie Clown
Fly Swatter Fly-killing device Blunt Weapon ? Junkyards (outside)
Fog Machine Ideal for parties, gigs and nights at the club ? ? The Bogeyman (Halloween 2015)
Joy Buzzer Want a handshake? Blunt Weapon 12 Jokes Shops, Botcho the Zombie Clown
Magic Wand Possesses secret magical powers Firearm 2 Magic Shops
Markers Write on people like you user to do back at school Blunt Weapon ? Schools
Microphone Karaoke time!~ Firearm ? Music Shops
Mouthwash Rinse and repeat Blunt Weapon 2 Dentist Offices
nothing ERROR Blunt Weapon 45% (75%) 1 nobody
Oversized Fists Slam! Blunt Weapon 1 Comic Shops
Oversized Mallet Whack a Zed! Blunt Weapon 1 Arcades
Pen Definitely not mightier than the sword Bladed Weapon ? Banks
Pillow Epic bedtime wars Blunt Weapon 8 Furniture Stores
Plastic Sword Semi-Bladed weapon Bladed Weapon 4 Comic Shops, Toy Stores
Protest Sign Down with the government! Blunt Weapon 60% (90%) ? Rioter
Roll of Toilet Paper TP your archenemies Throwing Weapon ? Supermarket
Rubber Chicken Just chicken-in Blunt Weapon 12 Jokes Shops
Sneezing Powder Make people hate you. Throwing Weapon 4 Jokes Shops
Sponge Soakin' up the bullets Throwing Weapon 2 Post Offices
Spray String Just like Spider-Man Firearm 8 Toy Stores
Toy Gun pew pew Firearm 5 Toy Stores
Toy Laser Defend the galaxy Firearm 5 Arcades
Trick or Treat Bag Gimme candy! Blunt Weapon ? Trick or Treater
Water Pistol Typical beach warfare weapon Firearm 10 Toy Stores

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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