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Neighborhood of Webbville
Known groups in this Neighborhood:
Grenadeicon/b/ alliance
Buildings of interest in Webbville:
Fort: N/A
Mall: N/A
Hospitals:Cascade (34,19)
Michelle (38,15)
PDs:Quill Meyer PD (31,16)
Callerman PD (40,14)
Gun Shops:Lucky Shot (31,17)
FDs:Tasselbury FD (32,16)
Boothbert FD (32,19)
Others:Wermer Elementary School (37,19),(38,19)
Twilight City Power (37,12),(38,12),(37,13),(38,13) Whilley Supermarket (34,14),(35,14)
Revive Points in Webbville:
Human Update

Crete Street (37,14)

Vampire Update

Spinner Cemetary (38,11) Twilight City Power Plant (37-38, 12-13)

Zombie Update

Past Edit

Twilight City's most Historic neighborhood. It was the center of many innovations in science and political reform in the early 20th century. Two of the most important inventions that came out of this neighborhood include the first most commonly used and most important synthetic fiber ancestor and the first inflatable rubber tire. The historic residential area was once home to the most well liked and politically favored politicians in the city. The most popular and most positive politician ever to run for state office was Wermer BlueWorth. He favored to improve the legal and economic systems in place and push for citizens rights. A month before the election the city mourned the death of the most well favored Webbville born son as his casket was carried to Coldstate Cemetery. His was assassinated going to career day for Wellbourne Elementary School by former running mate Jack McKinsey who experienced a mental break down, who blamed him for his wife's accidental death at one of his speeches. In Honor of Wermer BlueWorth, Wellbourne Elementary School changed its name to Wermer Elementary School. His grave stone says "Here Lies The Man That Tried To Change The Future, Only To Become The Blueprint For The Future". As Webbville mourned its lost son, the neighborhood fell to disrepair. In the Late 40s, as the need to expand rose and the need for power went up, the historic residential area was demolished to make room for another Twilight's First. Twilight Power Plant was the most modern and advanced coal power plant ever built in its time. In the 1990s, the power plant added more clean energy technology, such as 250 Solar Panels and 3 Wind Turbines.

The neighborhood offers a stark look at the highs and lows of Twilight City's class system. Situated in southern Webbville is a small industrial corridor with the city's densest number of factories. Companied with Webbville's two warehouses, an auto body shop, a number of dive bars, and the power plant, Webbville was long a working class neighborhood with strong unions. The key industrialists would visit their capital, using the three northern Webbville banks for business, and meeting at the Gold Cup Club, one of the only hot spots for the well to do, found on the heavily police Privacy Street.

Present Edit

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March 2008Edit

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March 2009Edit

March, 5, 2009 Remnants of Eighty Second Airborne set-up Headquarters in Twilight City Power Plant.

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