Zombies slumbering on a field.

Zombies are reanimated corpses that feast upon the living. They are the creation of a heinous fungus known as Necrobe, which is able to resurrect dead human tissues. Anyone who is exposed to this fungus are turned into a Zombie upon death, although Vampires seem to possess a degree of immunity to them.

Though obviously dumber than its living counterparts, most Zombies who do not have tremendous bodily injury still retain some level of intelligence and agility, and some are even developed enough to utilize a few tools. Nevertheless, all Zombies are driven with a strong, insane hunger for flesh.

In-game descriptionEdit

As a Zombie, you will feast upon both Humans and Vampires. Skills such as infecting your prey, hiding amongst corpses, and even using failed revivals to your advantage are in your ghoulish bag of tricks. Whenever a human dies by your hand, they will become a zombie. Hey… the more the merrier, right?

Gang tactics are encouraged for zombie players, who can buy skills to recieve bonuses for attacking in groups and to (literally) sniff out others of your kind. The fungus that has reanimated you can even be strong enough to prevent others from reviving you.

Basic stats and informationEdit

Zombies have high HP and low AP.

  • Health Points: 70
  • Action Points: 50


Zombie's main weapons are Hands (2-3 damage, 50% hit chance) and Teeth (3-5 damage, 30% hit chance). They are able to wield thrown weapons. Zombies are able to wield blunt weapons once they gain Solid Grip, and can wield all other melee weapons once they gain Flailing Battery.


Zombies who possess Grim Feast are able to regain health (3 HP) by attacking with their Teeth. Zombies can also consume certain foods to restore some minor HP.

Becoming a ZombieEdit

Zombies and several NPCs are able to infect players. Players who are killed from this condition become Zombies. Zombies can either infect with their Teeth (if they possess Biohazard), or spray their infection with Infectious Spew. If they possess Infectious Splatter, players who attack them have a chance to get infected as well. Humans automatically turn into Zombies upon death.


There are five available classes to start out as a Zombie.


There are 27 available skills. It requires a minimum of 4860 XP to purchase all the skills.


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